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Melamina Meltblown Nonwoven

Melamina Meltblown Nonwoven belongs to the class of high-performance materials, it does not burn, does not shrink and does not melt, remains stable even at higher temperatures and is UV-resistant.

This product is an excellent thermal and acoustic insulator and is also well suited for filtration due to the fine fibers and its chemical resistance. There are different potential applications in the fields of thermal and acoustic insulation or filtration for the use in:

Protective workwear (fire-blocker layer for fire-fighter clothing, thermal insulation + fire-blocker for oil rig workers or workers in the arctic environment, fire-blocker for electric arc protection clothing…).

Automobiles, trains, buses, trucks and aircrafts (fire-blocker for seats, vibration insulation + non-burning, acoustic interior insulation + non-burning, motor compartment acoustic insulation + non-burning, Hood thermal and acoustic insulation + non-burning, Roof thermal and acoustic insulation + non-burning, air filtration and others…).

Filtration (very fine fibers and chemical resistance vastly improve filtration efficiency, short-cut fibers are easily dispersed in water and may be used in a wet-laid product for oil and other liquid filtration).

Construction (thermal and acoustic insulation + non-burning, building insulation, roof insulation, office insulation…) and in various industrial applications (insulation of pipes, core material for VIP’s…).

Melamina Meltblown Nonwoven is ready to use material and is showing a good processability. It can be needle entangled, water entangled, laminated or quilted with other materials in a composite

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